dinsdag 27 april 2010

PWA Podersdorf part 1

As some of you know I got a wildcard for the PWA Podersdorf. Hopefully I can compete on all the PWA events this year. Tommorrow I will leave to Austria. 4 sails some masts some booms and one board are packed. My first stop will be in Schleiz in Germany where I will pick up my F2 Rodeo 98. Proto and custom boards are not allowed in the competition.
I will leave around 06.00 and plan to arrive around 23.00. Hopefully the ride will be smooth without many trouble. In Podersdorf I will meet the rest of the Holland/Belgium crew. This time there are a lot of guys from Belgium and the Netherlands.

maandag 26 april 2010

Dutch Championships

Unfortunately I can not be there. Still I want to say to the guys that stay in Holland. Go and show what you got at the King Of The Dam. It's the 10th edition of this competition and is part of the dutch championships. Check out the website: http://www.teamthebunch.com/contest/10kotd/10kotd.asp

zondag 4 april 2010

Bonaire part 6 end part

This is my last update from Bonaire for this year. I had a really good time. After one week in Curacao, were I sailed a little bit and also partied a lot, I went to Bonaire for 3 weeks. I sailed a lot and learned a lot of new things. I will try to make a nice movie, but I don't have a lot of variety in the moves I have on video, so for more variety you have to wait until I have finished my clip from Holland.

Some info:
It is always warm! I maybe wear jeans at night but just take some shorts, tees and maybe one sweater and one pair of jeans and you're good. Than you have more kilo's you can use for surf equipment.
In Curacao and Bonaire they mostly use the NAF. 1,75 NAF = 1 $. It's also no problem to pay with dollars. Everything can be pretty cheap. You can eat at the Chinese for 10 NAF. You get a portion you can eat from twice. If you go to the supermarket you can eat for less.
Hotels and appartments are pretty expensive. All the hotels and appartments are online. If you want something cheaper you can contact me. Especially if you stay longer than one week a hotel gets to expensive.

For renting equipment there are two places. Jibe City and Windsurfing place Bonaire. They both have the newest and best equipment avaiable. You can also stall your own equipment at those
places. Thanks to DJ from Jibe City. I stalled my equipment at Jibe City.

For those who don't know the spot. It is flat. You have chop in the middle section were it's a little deeper. You can't stand here. Than you have small chops in front of the rental places. In front of the mangroves on the other side it's super flat and also at the old judging tower. For both sides you have flat, big chop and small chop. You can even go to Lac. There you can sail in the waves.
Besides windsurfing Bonaire also is on of the best places to dive and snorkle. The well protected reef gives shelter to a lot of sea life. A lot of different fish, sea turtles, coral and other ocean life.
Bonaire also have a big history. The salt piles, pink lakes and a lot of other things show you something about Bonaires past.

For more info please contact me.