zondag 25 juli 2010

PWA Fuerteventura part 1

The PWA in Fuerte started. The slalo guys are on fire. The last two days the wind turned a little bit more off shore, causing the water conditions to be a bit flatter. For the slalom reports check the PWA reports at http://pwa-worldtour.com

I've been here since the 18th of july and the wind has been good every day. Going out at center two it's like skeelering on a grind stone pad. It is super choppy.
The wind has been good for 4.1 every day and even 3.5 one day. I still have to get used to the conditions but we're all looking forward to the competition. Here are some pictures from a light late night session.
Pictures by: Davy Scheffers / Maarten van Ochten

vrijdag 2 juli 2010

PWA Lanzarote part 3

Tommorrow is the fourth and last day of the PWA Costa teguise and it doesn't look so well. The first day the wind was not good enough to start the competition. We went on the water showed some tricks but the wind was to light.

Pic: PWA / John Carter
The second day started really bad with no wind at all. Luckely it picked up really quik and we were able to start. I was up to Steven van Broeckhoven. It was a sick heat for me landing all my moves. Unfortunately it was, for sure, not enough to beat the current 2nd place and EFPT overall champ. But I was ready and pumped up to do well in the double ellimination. Unfortunately the wind died and we could not even finish the single ellimination.

On day three there was no wind at all. Main goal of the day was supporting Holland against Brazil at the worldcup in South Africa. What a game! At 18.00 there was a little bit wind and we could allmost finish the sinlge.

For the last day the wind look really bad. We can only hope for good conditions. I have to see if I have to sail against Chico Bento or Endro Finies, but I pumped up and ready to sail and do good.