vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

Who's the chick?

As a windsurfer with a girlfriend you can not let it happen that your girl never tries windsurfing. So a few years ago when I lived in Curacao I teached her some stuff and HOPSAKEEEE. There she went. Good start, but not the start.

I present to you Nicky!

Since about 8 months ago Nicky became addicted and is now also fully into windsurfing. In 8 months form Fanatic "island" Viper to 95 liter boards jibing and sailing fully overpowered with 3.7.

We're now both back from 3.5 super weeks Dahab and bussy preparing our next big trip!

woensdag 24 augustus 2011


For the people who know. AWESOME ;) for the people that don't, go to Dahab and you'll maybe find out. If you don't understand this text just check the pictures :P!

We had a sick trip, really good wind and some nice pictures and footage. I will do one more update with some pictures. Now I'm back in Holland again after 5 weeks. Sick summer, with good action in Fuerte and even better in Dahab. School starts tommorrow!


Pictures: Andraz Zan / Paul Zeper

vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

Hamza taxi, blog free!

Some pictures. Last days has been light wind. More wind soon! Also preparing some movie stuff with Andraz Zan and Tilo Eber. Holler!

pictures by: Tree bar / Nicky Lam / Paul Zeper

woensdag 10 augustus 2011

Sharm el Sh$#%$

Sharm el Sheikh, what a place. We went there for one day to check it out. First thing I noticed is that everything is build out of tourism.
Driving true Sharm we saw a LOT of hotels and appartments. Hilton, Marriot, everything was there. And what happens when there's so much tourism? Yes, there is a McDonalds. Yeahh, and what does every Mc have? Yes, there own burger. Here is my girl Nicky showing the brand new McArabia Chicken. Wowwwww!
But that was about the most exciting part. All the peopel only want your money and taxi's are really expensive. So we took the local little busses where you can go from place to place for just 2 pounds p.p. For the mathematics under us, 1 euro = 8.5 egyptian pound.
Back in Dahab the food is much better than the Mc. We've found our allmost daily restaurant. Shams restaurant. A really nice chill place with good food, for really cheap. We eat there for 80 pound for 2 persons including 4 drinks total. That is less than 10,- euro for a big meal with two drinks per person. Soo just stop jerking off and come!
Daily mission is trying to keep my feet clean during the day. Mission Impossible, and not like the movie with a nice happy ending, no they stay dirty!

pics: Paul Zeper

maandag 8 augustus 2011

Dahab hot hotter hottest

We're now in Dahab a bit more than one week. The wind has been good since day one. Yesterday we went for a small trip to Sharm el Sheikh. One big dissappointment. Sharm is touristic and everyone is ready to rip you off and get some money from you.
So back in Dahab again and that's way more relaxed. Today the wind was a little less and dropped completely during the day. But still good for 4.7 action paction!
Egypt is well known for sheishaaaaa!! If you don't know what Sheisha is. Thank god for google ;). Nooo kiddin. Sheisha is a water pipe / bong. It is a nice sometimes big device to smoke tobacco, but this tobacco tastes like some fruit. You can choose apple, strawberry, cherry, etc.
Big thanks to Andraz Zan, hotsails teammate and Slovenian little friend. He arranged everything to come here in Dahab from Fuerte and he knows Dahab. He'll tell where to go and where not to.
Oohh and if you come. Drink a lot off water! You walk in a real life hair dryer. So drink lots of water.
Thats about it for now.


pictures: Nicky Lam / Paul Zeper / Tree bar

zaterdag 6 augustus 2011

As-Salamu Alaikum

As-Salamu alaikum aka Hello how are you, straight out off Dahab, Egypt. After Fuerteventura Andraz Zan and I went straight to Dahab, to relax, train and relax some more. My girlfriend also came to Dahab to spent these weeks with me. Since six months she's also addicted to ride!
I'm here for a few days now and the wind has been good for 4.1 every single day. Tommorrow is time for a break. I will make some cultural pictures of the city of Dahab.
Egypt is well known for its camels. This is a real camel. Yeaahhhh a real one!!!! But I think it was not a wild one, the owner was probably somewhere sleeping under a tree.
Action action action... everyday the whole day, sick wind, flat water and more fun stuff. Whooohooooooo. Offcourse I'm also filming a little bit, cause I need to have some monthly movie updates soon offcourse!

Pictures by: Nicky Lam / Paul Zeper