zaterdag 6 augustus 2011

As-Salamu Alaikum

As-Salamu alaikum aka Hello how are you, straight out off Dahab, Egypt. After Fuerteventura Andraz Zan and I went straight to Dahab, to relax, train and relax some more. My girlfriend also came to Dahab to spent these weeks with me. Since six months she's also addicted to ride!
I'm here for a few days now and the wind has been good for 4.1 every single day. Tommorrow is time for a break. I will make some cultural pictures of the city of Dahab.
Egypt is well known for its camels. This is a real camel. Yeaahhhh a real one!!!! But I think it was not a wild one, the owner was probably somewhere sleeping under a tree.
Action action action... everyday the whole day, sick wind, flat water and more fun stuff. Whooohooooooo. Offcourse I'm also filming a little bit, cause I need to have some monthly movie updates soon offcourse!

Pictures by: Nicky Lam / Paul Zeper

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