woensdag 10 augustus 2011

Sharm el Sh$#%$

Sharm el Sheikh, what a place. We went there for one day to check it out. First thing I noticed is that everything is build out of tourism.
Driving true Sharm we saw a LOT of hotels and appartments. Hilton, Marriot, everything was there. And what happens when there's so much tourism? Yes, there is a McDonalds. Yeahh, and what does every Mc have? Yes, there own burger. Here is my girl Nicky showing the brand new McArabia Chicken. Wowwwww!
But that was about the most exciting part. All the peopel only want your money and taxi's are really expensive. So we took the local little busses where you can go from place to place for just 2 pounds p.p. For the mathematics under us, 1 euro = 8.5 egyptian pound.
Back in Dahab the food is much better than the Mc. We've found our allmost daily restaurant. Shams restaurant. A really nice chill place with good food, for really cheap. We eat there for 80 pound for 2 persons including 4 drinks total. That is less than 10,- euro for a big meal with two drinks per person. Soo just stop jerking off and come!
Daily mission is trying to keep my feet clean during the day. Mission Impossible, and not like the movie with a nice happy ending, no they stay dirty!

pics: Paul Zeper

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