zaterdag 30 juni 2012

The Crazies last days

I arrived back home, in the Netherlands. Still I have some pictures left I will post these days. All my stuff arrived and I'm ready to go to Fuerte in a few weeks. This time it is serious again, PWA!

Maui was sick last two weeks Nicky's brother was over so we spend our time being tourists again. Fun days on and out of the water!

Mahalo Maui crew for all the amazing experiences!!!!

Nicky now always tweaked! On the windsurfboards and jumping off rocks.
I believe I can fly. Well NOTTT.....hardest head first in to the water ever!
Where the hell am I?
 Daniel was killing it with the back flips!

donderdag 14 juni 2012

The North Shore

A two hour bus drive filled with some trailer park families, local fisherman and everybody else brought us to the world famous North shore. Two weeks ago we met a guy from the North shore and he invited us and lend us some surfboards. We were lucky to have some north swell and surf it, normally there is no north swell in summer. 

Really nice day filled with crazy people, very nice people, BBQ and surf.

Nicky almost getting barreled.

dinsdag 12 juni 2012

The Big City

30 minutes flying time from Maui is the island of Oahu. Famous for the place called the North shore with its Banzai Pipeline break and Waikiki beach. Being on the quiet island of Maui forced us to go there and experience the crowdiness it supposed to have.

One thing, Honolulu is crowded with traffic. No traffic on Maui comes even close to Oahu. But the city is a real city. High rise, shops, art, big harbor and a lot of Japanese people.

To describe our four days short. It was sick!! The island catches all the swell. Sick south swell and nice surf at Waikiki, and even North swell at pipeline and Monster mush. The bays are beautiful and the cliffs are the steepes I ever saw. I'm going to make a small clip, mostly filmed out of the bus. Soon more!

The Team

North shore

vrijdag 8 juni 2012

Paul on a Mission

I'm starting to get super hooked on surfing. With south swell "Dumbs" is our favorite spot on Maui. If you're lucky it is not to growded. This day was sick. Nicky started of all by herself and when I went in there were just a few people out. Definately nothing like the Netherlands. 

Still 3 weeks to go on the island. We're now on Oahu to check out the surf, the city and be a tourist! Yesterday night Waikiki was already looking really nice.

 Pictures by: Nicky Lam

donderdag 7 juni 2012

Nicky on a mission

Some people are afraid of water and than there are others that underestimate water. Nicky is definately not one of those people where you would think she is afraid of water. Dropping in on every wave at dumbs, seeing the nice reef laying under you while you glide of the water slide. Sometimes nice rides, sometimes not so nice rides.

New one handed move (still under construction)

dinsdag 5 juni 2012

Hot Testing

We are working hard on a new wave sail. Last friday we had some waves again. We went out and tested a lot. Unfortunately it was super rainy every half an hour. Luckily I good still make this small clip.

zondag 3 juni 2012


Last weekend we had a sick boattrip again. This time no windsurfing or surfing, just fishing, sailing, swimming and sleeping outside. Living from the fish we caught and exploring the island of Lanai. Nicky had a pre-doctor call so she studied the fishes head. No animal cruelty, everything we caught we ate completely!