dinsdag 12 juni 2012

The Big City

30 minutes flying time from Maui is the island of Oahu. Famous for the place called the North shore with its Banzai Pipeline break and Waikiki beach. Being on the quiet island of Maui forced us to go there and experience the crowdiness it supposed to have.

One thing, Honolulu is crowded with traffic. No traffic on Maui comes even close to Oahu. But the city is a real city. High rise, shops, art, big harbor and a lot of Japanese people.

To describe our four days short. It was sick!! The island catches all the swell. Sick south swell and nice surf at Waikiki, and even North swell at pipeline and Monster mush. The bays are beautiful and the cliffs are the steepes I ever saw. I'm going to make a small clip, mostly filmed out of the bus. Soon more!

The Team

North shore

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