zondag 24 januari 2010

City Cruizin

Yesterday evening, I got super irritated of the period of no wind, that we have on this moment. I still had a mountain board from my windskate period. Because we had a little snow, I thougt it was a good idea to go to our small hill and do some stunts. After a few times I noticed it was a stupid idea cause the snow slowed me down and I slided to much.

So we came up with a other thing to do. Use on old harness line, some rope and cruise true the city behind the car.

Jochem Zielstra dragged me behind the car. We also filmed everything so hopefully we have a small clip tonight. I will keep you updated.

vrijdag 22 januari 2010


You can now also follow me on Twitter. I don't really have the feeling of posting everything
what I'm doing so for now just news flashes.


woensdag 20 januari 2010

Movie project 2

After the the rail for short moving filming things, we came u with another idea. Let's make a steady cam. The idea behind a steady cam is that you have a middle piece that can move in every direction. Under that piece you have a weight and on top of the thing is the camera. What happens? When you now walk with the camera the weights are pulling you rig this far down that it stabilizes shocks. So when you walk with the camera you don't get shocking images anymore. Well we made a steady cam ourselves. It doesn't look super cool, but it works. Hopefully this results in a bit more spectaculair footage for my next short movie clip.

Keep you updated

maandag 18 januari 2010

Photo shoot

When there is no wind for a month you start thinking of doing things to fill up time. One: work. I'm trying to work every day to get enough money to pay my trips and competitions from upcoming season. Two: start to make things like a rail for filming and we allready shoot a piece of the intro for my next movie. And three: stuff you come up with when you are free and have nothing to do. Like this photoshoot. I teared up the whole living room, took some lights and some whit cloth from the beds and start making my photo set, set the camera and action. Here are some of the pictures. No explanation, just having fun. I made all the pictures myself. Maybe there will come more of this, but hopefully the wind comes.

Greets Paul

Photo set

dinsdag 12 januari 2010

Thrill Seeker

I've got a new sponsor for 2010. From now on I will listen to music in Style with the headphones from Skullcandy. Thanks to the guys of Thrillseeker (http://www.thrill-seeker.nl)
On the pictures I'm wearing the Skullcandy Agent and the Skulcandy TI Tokidoki edition.
These are just two of all the nice colours. Check them out on http://www.skullcandy.com

Skullcandy Agent

Skullcandy TI Tokidoki

zaterdag 2 januari 2010

Movie project

After seeing some skateboard, snowboard and windsurf movies. A friend and me came up to built some things to make the filming for my next clip a bit nicer. In a lot of extreme sport movies, also Four Dimensions, they film with a rail. This makes the clips a lot more moving and nicer to watch. So we tought, let's make a rail ourselves. You can't sit on it, but we tested it and it works perfect. Here some pictures of the rail. Hopefully I can show some footage soon.