dinsdag 29 juni 2010

PWA Lanzarote part 2

Lanzarote has been on and off. I'm here for a few days now and the wind has been good for a couple of times, but not every day. We just had the opening ceremony of the hotel and tommorrow we have to register and if the wind is good enough we'll start with the competition.
Everyone rigged sails from 3.3 up to 5.6, the conditions can be choppy with 5.6 or mast high with 3.3. The forecast looks not promising considering waves. Hopefully we can do a nice competition with good wind and if the waves come we're lucky. For now hope for wind and see what will happen tommorrow.

dinsdag 22 juni 2010

PWA Lanzarote part 1

Hi everyone,

He...he... finally something to write about again. The 24th I will leave Holland again. I will go to Lanzarote where the second freestyle competition from the PWA takes place. I have about one week to get used to the conditions before the competition starts. The competition will be from 30th june untill the 3th of july. Than I will go back to Holland, work again and than off to Fuerteventura.
But first Lanzarote. As I saw the movies from last year I prepared myself with a few extra masts and a 3.5 sail. I never used a sail smaller than 4.0 so if I will use it, it will be hard and strange.
Stay tuned for action pictures, up to date info about the conditions and the competition.

zondag 6 juni 2010

Life in the Netherlands

It has been some time ago when I wrote my last blog update. The day after the PWA in Podersdorf we had really good wind. I was on 4.7 full power. Unfortunately that was after the competition.

Now a few weeks later I'm working full time to get enough money for Lanzarote and Fuerte. Its sad that the wind stays away. I sailed just a few times in 2 months. Not the best preparation for a worldcup.

Today we start with some lifestyle filming. As there is no wind again and the forecast keeps being bad you have to fill up time doing other things.

Here is a sequence from a double spock from last weekend. This was the best day in 2 months. I sailed with 4.7 and 98 Rodeo.