dinsdag 22 juni 2010

PWA Lanzarote part 1

Hi everyone,

He...he... finally something to write about again. The 24th I will leave Holland again. I will go to Lanzarote where the second freestyle competition from the PWA takes place. I have about one week to get used to the conditions before the competition starts. The competition will be from 30th june untill the 3th of july. Than I will go back to Holland, work again and than off to Fuerteventura.
But first Lanzarote. As I saw the movies from last year I prepared myself with a few extra masts and a 3.5 sail. I never used a sail smaller than 4.0 so if I will use it, it will be hard and strange.
Stay tuned for action pictures, up to date info about the conditions and the competition.

1 opmerking:

  1. what??? you never used smaller than 4.0??? damm boy you must've missed alot of nice sailing days hahahha