dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Graffiti clip

Because lack of wind, I made this small graffiti clip. Setik made this piece in Hoofddorp in the Netherlands, my hometown. Enjoy!

donderdag 17 maart 2011


At the moment I'm writing this it is not that far. But as soon as I posted this it will be :P.
My Blog reached the 10.000 views. Wooohooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! I've a lot of nice stuff in plan for 2011 and allready some plans for 2012. I hope all you guys enjoy my blog and Please.... give me input, if somebody would like to see more action footage, lifestyle other stuff, don't mind to tell me.
Enjoy and Off to the next 10.000 views!

dinsdag 15 maart 2011

New Stuff

Yeah!! Got my new GoPro HD including the frog green Bern helmet, ready to rock. Now we only need some wind. Tested the full HD function today and the quality is amazing. Super sharp images from that small thingy. Have some ideas with the camera for some nice clips. Hopefully soon online!
I allready got it for some time, but wanted to show it to you guys. This is my newest headphone. Fully purple with the tiny yellow details. This is one of skullcandy's simple headphones, but really good to store, small and good sound.
Thanks to both Zuidwest6 for the GoPro and Bern Helmet and Thrill-Seeker for the headphones. Now we need some wind and we're ready to go!

zaterdag 5 maart 2011

Skate time

So this week I had my holidays. A week off, but no wind unfortunately. Luckily I picked up skateboarding a litle bit. My action is not really spectaculair yet.

Hopefully the new GoPro HD will be here soon. I used the normal GoPro ones, and you can do some nice stuff with it. Looking forward to do some test shots with it, and then the next movie clip will be there soon!
Maybe the photo's look cool, but it is all for the picture, no real moves ;). Hopefully next time. The weather was nice, a cold breeze, but the sun was shining.
This is the small skatepark we have in our town. Not much but fun.

Thanks to Woutair Koomen for the pictures (wairtistic)