vrijdag 26 maart 2010

Bonaire part 5

Just like I promised! Here is some windsurf action of last week. Last two days have been pretty relaxed. Yesterday there was no wind. Today we did a low wind session. I managed to do some moves in super light wind, but after a while it gets pretty boring. Hopefully the wind picks up tommorrow so we can sail with a little bit more power.

Pictures made by Jochem Zielstra

donderdag 25 maart 2010

Bonaire part 4

You can not always be serious and train moves every day. I mean what do you do if you've been eating not so well, the wind is not so good and you didn't had a good night sleep. Well we didn't do much but this is how the beginning of the day looked like.

Jochem and I seriously had to loose some water. Unfortunately the three died immediately, and dried up in just a few seconds because of the strong sun.

They all pointed at me as if I killed the three.

The crew with our brand new, shinny pick up. Some of you will probably remember this car. From left to right Jochem Zielstra, Maarten van Ochten and Melle van Overbeek.

Next post will be about surfing again ;).

donderdag 18 maart 2010

Bonaire part 3

The last days we could sail allmost every day. The wind was not super powerfull but enough to train some new things. For the upcoming days the forecast looks really good. Maybe we shoot some clips to.

Pictures by Niek vd Linde (www.teamthebunch.com)

zondag 14 maart 2010

Bonaire part 2

For so long the wind has been good. At the moment it's not enough to go on the water, but as we've seen last couple of days the wind picks up around 16.00. Spending the time not on the water we chill, sleep, eat and check out the gear from eachother and make fun about it. The forecast still looks really good. Here some more pictures from a night session.

zaterdag 13 maart 2010

Bonaire part 1

After a few days of no internet, but also a few days with good wind here is my first update from Bonaire. The wind is not at his best but still good enough to train new moves. Most of the time the wind picks up durng the day and is at his best around 18.00. The forecast looks, besides 2 days, pretty promising, so hopefully we'll get some nice action.

Thanks to Hylke Bakker for the pictures (http://www.windsurfmoves.com)

donderdag 4 maart 2010


At my trip I met a guy. His name is Jeroen. He is repairs windsurf boards really good. He's also very innovative. But! When you travel to far places not everyone takes a huge triple boardback with weels. Those bags are expensive and heavy. With a bag like that you can take less equipment with you unless you want to pay for overweight. Well Jeroen made someting that is convertable with every board bag, it's custom made, and it will fit on every board. Here is the US box version.

You just put your board in your boardbag. Put these wheels underneeth your board, just like you put your fin in you finbox, and your heavy package is a lot easier to take with you.

More info: http://windsurfrepair.webs.com/

dinsdag 2 maart 2010

Dutch Antilles part 2

After 13 hours with a stop on Aruba I arrived at Hato airport Curacao. Cause I was not so late we decided to go straight to the surf school at Spanish waters and hit the water. The wind was pretty light, but still fun. It feel strange to be back after one year and seeing a lot of kids that became a lot better than last year.

Today I had a really good session. I was on a 4.7 and the F2 Rodeo 107 and it was killer. Really ood beginning of the month. Hopefully more of these days will follow.