donderdag 25 maart 2010

Bonaire part 4

You can not always be serious and train moves every day. I mean what do you do if you've been eating not so well, the wind is not so good and you didn't had a good night sleep. Well we didn't do much but this is how the beginning of the day looked like.

Jochem and I seriously had to loose some water. Unfortunately the three died immediately, and dried up in just a few seconds because of the strong sun.

They all pointed at me as if I killed the three.

The crew with our brand new, shinny pick up. Some of you will probably remember this car. From left to right Jochem Zielstra, Maarten van Ochten and Melle van Overbeek.

Next post will be about surfing again ;).

3 opmerkingen:

  1. ... ik weet nu in iedergeval zeker dan je een jongen bent :P

  2. Ooooh gelukkig weet je het nu zeker :P. Wel eggt snel achter gekomen hehehehhehe


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