maandag 10 mei 2010

PWA Podersdorf part 4

A little late but here we go. After all days sitting on stand-by we still had one more day to go. Skippersmeeting was planned at 05.30 and the forecast was looking really bad, so a lot of people went partying and some hit there beds early because in Podersdorf you never know. Andddd.........yess. That morning I heared the noice of my tent again. The wind was pretty good so at 05.00 I went to the event area. The wind was enough and at 05.45 the last day we started the sinle elimination. I was in heat 4 so I had a bit more time to prepair. My heat went pretty good, but unfortunately we had to resail the heat. Also the second time there was not enough wind and we had to resail again. The third time went really bad for me, so I was unlucky and lost my heat. Later on the wind picked up a little and heat after heat was sailed. Maarten van Ochten did really well and became 5th. Also Davy "Mr. Scheffie / Dafke" Scheffers did really good allmost beating Steven van Broeckhoven. Steven managed to win from the world champion Gollito. He became second overall, congrats ;). Picture: PWA / John Carter

Unfortunately there was not enough wind for a double elimination, so I could not climb higher in the ranking. Now up to Lanzarote! Hopefully I'll have some more luck there.

Picture: PWA / John Carter

maandag 3 mei 2010

PWA Podersdorf part 3

Skippersmeeting at 06.00. A lot of people had a hard time waking up and coming to the event area, but allmost everybody was there. Unfortunately the wind was not good enough, so we couldn't start any heats. The days were filled with tow in freestyle behind the jetski, tow in on the ramp and relaxing and eating a lot.
Luckely John was allready at the water to take some pictures the day before when we had a short morning session.Some of you probably saw the live ticker on the PWA website, about my crib. Well this is my Crib. That's live. Having fun and having a small budget.
Adrian Beholz (G-888) also sails with Hotsails maui and F2. These are our sails.
Thrill-Seeker logo at the bottom of my brand new F2 98 Rodeo. Again the board is sick!
The first to nights in Podersdorf were all about PARTYY!!!! Was a lot of fun and crazy to.

Pictures: PWA / John Carter (

zaterdag 1 mei 2010

PWA Podersdorf part 2

The PWA started with to begin a big party. After the riders presentation Podersdorf went crazy with a lot of people on the dancefloor. This morning I woke up because my tent was making a loud noice of the wind. I went straight to the water and had a pretty good morning session. Unfortunately the wind dropped really fast, so we couldn't start the first single elimination. Tommorrow we'll probably have a really early skippersmeeting around 06.00. So no party tonight. There are some pictures and more info at

Keep you updated!