maandag 3 mei 2010

PWA Podersdorf part 3

Skippersmeeting at 06.00. A lot of people had a hard time waking up and coming to the event area, but allmost everybody was there. Unfortunately the wind was not good enough, so we couldn't start any heats. The days were filled with tow in freestyle behind the jetski, tow in on the ramp and relaxing and eating a lot.
Luckely John was allready at the water to take some pictures the day before when we had a short morning session.Some of you probably saw the live ticker on the PWA website, about my crib. Well this is my Crib. That's live. Having fun and having a small budget.
Adrian Beholz (G-888) also sails with Hotsails maui and F2. These are our sails.
Thrill-Seeker logo at the bottom of my brand new F2 98 Rodeo. Again the board is sick!
The first to nights in Podersdorf were all about PARTYY!!!! Was a lot of fun and crazy to.

Pictures: PWA / John Carter (

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