zondag 29 augustus 2010

Back in Holland

After a long time I'm back in Holland again. Last few weeks were pretty bussy but now I've time again to update my blog more often. So here my first updat for upcoming year. Why year? Because I start with a study graphic design and it all starts tommorrow. After some time I will also completely rebuild my official website http://www.paulh115.nl But I will remind you guys.
For now, here some shots from today at Amstelmeer, Holland. Ooh and one from Roma. I really like the picture from a jazz band at piazza Navona.

Pictures By: Jochem Zielstra

donderdag 12 augustus 2010

Final part PWA Fuerte and Fuerte after the PWA

Sorry for the late update but there was a lot going on. The PWA in Fuerte is over as you all know. For me it was not the best competition. I sailed really bad and could not manage to get in a good vibe. I crashed a lot. I good pass some heats in the first single and double. But for the second double it it just couldn't happen.
I'm now still in Fuerte to train and relax. I moved to La Pared were it's cheaper to stay and it is not so far from the Rene Egli centers.
I allready did a lot of stand up surfing in La Pared on the other side of the island and teaching my girlfriend how to windsurf better.