maandag 8 augustus 2011

Dahab hot hotter hottest

We're now in Dahab a bit more than one week. The wind has been good since day one. Yesterday we went for a small trip to Sharm el Sheikh. One big dissappointment. Sharm is touristic and everyone is ready to rip you off and get some money from you.
So back in Dahab again and that's way more relaxed. Today the wind was a little less and dropped completely during the day. But still good for 4.7 action paction!
Egypt is well known for sheishaaaaa!! If you don't know what Sheisha is. Thank god for google ;). Nooo kiddin. Sheisha is a water pipe / bong. It is a nice sometimes big device to smoke tobacco, but this tobacco tastes like some fruit. You can choose apple, strawberry, cherry, etc.
Big thanks to Andraz Zan, hotsails teammate and Slovenian little friend. He arranged everything to come here in Dahab from Fuerte and he knows Dahab. He'll tell where to go and where not to.
Oohh and if you come. Drink a lot off water! You walk in a real life hair dryer. So drink lots of water.
Thats about it for now.


pictures: Nicky Lam / Paul Zeper / Tree bar

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