zaterdag 23 juli 2011

Fuerteventura hardcore

Fuerteventuuraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Day one, we scored conditions good for 4.7. For most sailors this is kind off good. There are not many that sail good in the hardcore 4.1 overpowered conditions that Fuerte normally has.
Heat 1. Max Matissek vs. Paul Zeper. I started really bad. Saw some really nice move from Max and I was definately not sure about this heat, but just managed to pass to the second round.
In the second round I met Tonky. There is a new movie coming out pretty soon, called Mission impossible 4. I played in it today. But having an opponent this strong makes you confident and let you do things you never do normally. I went full power and offcourse I lost, but it felt as the best heat, for me, ever!
It was a good day. A lot of guys were challenged to the conditions, crashing a lot or going higher and better than ever. Mostly the first. But that's Fuerte.
Tommorrow we start with the women and afterwards the man finals. The forecast is okay, but I think we can expect some nice stuff on the water tommorrow.
One thing! Make sure you watch the livetream at
And if you are on Fuerte. Come to Costa Calma, Sotavento, playa de Jandia. Party everyday.

Pic: JC PWA / Paul Zeper

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