maandag 4 juli 2011

The Rock

Last saterday we had some wind in Holland again. Last days were pretty quiet. Nice weather, some small swell coming in but not much wind. Saterday a northwest wind accompanied us at Amstelmeer. 4.7 Bolt locked on my Patrik Diethelm FS 90 and ready to Rock.But that was not the only rock! Niek vd Linde ( ) had a small barbeque for the people that helped building the new equipment / storage / teaching building. Like always I joined the barbeque. Did I helped.......hhmmmmmm. But he got a nice present from his parents. A new kind of windmeter.
For the people that can't read dutch. check the translation under the last picture.
Rock hangs quiet - no wind
Rock moves - wind
Rock hangs almost horizontal - hurricane
Rock is dry - sun
Rock is wet - rain
Rock is white - snow
Rock is invisible - mist
Rock dropped on the ground - the rope broke
Rock is gone - Rock is stolen

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