zondag 25 juli 2010

PWA Fuerteventura part 1

The PWA in Fuerte started. The slalo guys are on fire. The last two days the wind turned a little bit more off shore, causing the water conditions to be a bit flatter. For the slalom reports check the PWA reports at http://pwa-worldtour.com

I've been here since the 18th of july and the wind has been good every day. Going out at center two it's like skeelering on a grind stone pad. It is super choppy.
The wind has been good for 4.1 every day and even 3.5 one day. I still have to get used to the conditions but we're all looking forward to the competition. Here are some pictures from a light late night session.
Pictures by: Davy Scheffers / Maarten van Ochten

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