maandag 26 oktober 2009

Jeri part 2

It took us a long time to come here. Our trip started in Amsterdam. With KLM we flew to Soa Paolo and from Sao Paolo to Fortaleza. From Fortaleza we still had to drive 5 hours to Jericaocaora. We arrived thursday at 06.00. We couldn't sleep anymore so we arranged everything with our equipment and house and at 11.00 we went on the water. On of the locals, Ian Mouro, advised me to take 4.1 so I did that and I had a perfect session. Small waves to do ponch and suer flat water when you sail towards the beach.

After 2 days the locals told us that the wind was shitty. Luckely shitty is the Portugese word for 4.7 full power. So I had another to perfect sessions with 4.7.

Besides the sailing life here is pretty relaxed. There is not much to to besides surfing, but I don't need something besides surfing. The nightlife is pretty good to. Drinks are really cheap and everything is outside. Super nice to end your surfsession.

Here are some pictures. Action pictures are made by Britt van der Eyken and lifestyle by Niek vd LInde and me.

Niek vd Linde

Jelle Caers

Steven van Broeckhove

Sunset on the dune.

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