donderdag 30 juni 2011

Summer tour

This year I started my study. Did two years in one. Now finished this year/years. The summer looks good. Fuerte and Dahab are in my agenda for the upcoming weeks. Also some video stuff and some good blog updates.
For now my part 3 of monthly movie updates is a little posponed unfortunately, but will be finished soon. Not with windsurfing this time. Still have to think some things over again and prepair a little story line or something. But will come hopefully before I will leave to Fuerte ont the 14th july.
Here are some older pictures from a good session at Amstelmeer. I was on my Patrik FS 90 and Hotsails Bolt 4.1. Powered up, really flat water and sun. We don't have a lot of sun in combination with good wind, but untill now it looks like it's changing in Holland.
Oooh and also make sure you'll check out It's a new project from a friend and me. We both do the same study. Nothing to do with windsurfing, but for the ones that are interested! Check it out.

Pictures by my babe ;) Nicky Lam

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