woensdag 23 november 2011

Hotsails freestyle sail development p.3

The Design Part. As I do a study graphic design I needed to get involved with this design. There are a few made by Hot and a few by me.

Hopefully some wind in the upcoming days to do some testing!

Hot sketch 1.

Hot sketch 2.

Paul sketch 1 - I used the light stuff in the top. This is to expensive also Hot demanded to have the logo in full version in the top.

Paul sketch 2 - I put the logo in and also put the logo on the mast sleeve. This would cause the look to be a bit more agressive. These are just some colours I tried. Especially with print stuff you can do every colour you can imagine. I also included my padding design at the mastbase ;). Just a try, Hot is not making this "YET"! ;)

Paul design 3 - just an option

Notes that Tom made for the actual making of the sail. These were my first designs. I did not mentioned high load spots and stuff that need more reinforcement because of high pressure.

Hot / Paul final design - Hot made this final design. As you can see Hot took some stuff from my designs and made this sick final design. I like it a lot, maybe some strange sick colours if the sail will be in production. 

For now 'note' that the sail is a prototype and it is not sure this will be a production sail!!!

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