donderdag 5 januari 2012

The Office

The office / the people at the office / the stuff in the office. Woowww so much to experience when you're here on the island. I'm now here for two days and had two completely different sessions. On with pretty big waves and I was on my Patrik trailerwave 78 and Hotsails Firelight 5.5. I never use a 5.5. And today There were some waves, but definately not as high as yesterday. Way way smaller. But with a 4.2 pretty powered up. 

Below you can find Chris Freeman working his @$$ off. Than we got Bart de Zwart, who charged Jaws yesterday. Some good pictures are allready circulating on facebook. And last but not least we got Tom Hammerton, Hot saildesigner. 

I started on some small stuff. We'll be doing a video interview soon and a lot more coming up!

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