zondag 18 maart 2012

Windsurf Heaven

The last couple of days it was perfect freestyle weather again. Patrik Diethelm Freestyle 99, strong enough wind for 4.0 and 4.4, flat between the waves and not crowded as nobody sails on this spot ;). Even after spending a lot of time on the water this session just drained all my energy out of my body. Good feeling to feel broken again. Reminds me of Holland where every session has a huge impact on you body. You know how it is: Wind in Holland means sail until you drop because it can be the last session in a long time.

Besides sailing time is flying. We're working on some nice new products and the Freestyle pro is finished and ready for ordering. My concept for my new clip is ready. Not much action on tape yet, but I will start on the edit of the intro this week!

Patrik Diethelm Freestyle 99 / Hot Sails Maui Freestyle Pro 4.4 / Black Project Fins FS16

Photos by: Nicky Lam

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