maandag 14 mei 2012


The Olukai Ho'Olaule'A. Writing this I completely forgot what Ho'Olaule'A means, but whatever. On Saterday this event started sponsored by Olukai footwear. It started in the morning with a funpaddle after that the big paddle from Maliko to Kanaha. The field was big consisting out of man and women and 10 to 70 years old. SUP, Lunch and Hula. I was lucky to be picked out for some crazy hula moves. Don't know if it has to show how bad we are or how good they are. It was fun. Definately going to take a Hula class soon.


Kai Lenny finishing in the front
Bart de Zwart always racing top
Dagmar running to the finish
Free pair of Olukai flipfloppers
Little kids Hula dance
Breakdance, party dance, Hula.......? Whatever, is all the same :P

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