zaterdag 25 september 2010

PWA Sylt 2010 day 1

Day one in Sylt was a quiet day. No wind, but a nice swell. In the morning it looked like the slalom guys would hit the water to compete, but the wind died during the day so they couldn't compete. During the day a lot of guys went on the water with surfboards and SUP surf the pretty nice waves that hit the German shore.
For the guys that did not know yet. From now I will use Patrik Diethelm boards. I now have a 78 trailer wave and a 99 freestyle. Contact me if you're in Holland and you can try them.
John Carter was at the shore to take some nice pictures from the life on Sylt and the sailors that were on the SUP's and waveboards.
These are the ones I will use for training. The left one is the 99 freestyle I will use in the competitions. The right one is the 76 Patrik diethelm trailer wave. I will do some more wavesailing and this will be the board that keeps me going as hard as possible!
I was not the only one that took my gear. All the competitors are well prepared and didn't leaf anything at home. Resulting in a tent that can not be fuller with equipment. Smalle detail! The slalom gear is not included in the tent!

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