dinsdag 28 september 2010

PWA Sylt 2010 day 2 & 3

Starting with day two. It was a quiet day. There was no wind and we were on standbye the whole day. Meaning we had to wait untill the wind would pick up and we could start. But that didn't happen.
I Present to you, the MB-fins! This is the freestyle 18. Probably one of the most strange looking fins for freestyle, but they work the best. Try them yourself and you'll see.
Andre Paskowski was at the North/Fanatic tent signing posters.
Und was essen wir in Deutschland? Bratwurstennnnnnnn!!!! (translation :P:"And what do we eat in Germany? Bratwurstennnnnn!!!!!)
Day 3 started with a light wind, kind off the same as day 2 but as the day went by the wind picked up and we started. I was in heat one and I was in form. I used my new Patrik Diethelm freestyle 99 and Hotsails Bolt 5.3. It was just enough and I managed to win the first heat. Heat two the wind dropped completely and I was far away from landing all my moves. Unfortunately this heat was not cancelled, and I lost.
In the North/Fanatic tent the guys are painting, why?? The will sell the painting and the money will go to Pakistan.

This is Paul Griffiths. Not well known from the pictures but this is the guy who writes all the reports on the PWA website and also the live ticker. Paul from the fishe-eye point of view.

Photo's: PWA/John Carter, Paul Zeper

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice Paul! Good you won you're first heat! Why do you sail 2010 models?

    How does the new boards sail?

    And tell me how you get those sick photo's. Lightroom? Cool finish!


  2. Hey Jippie,

    Ik heb alleen me 5.3 nog niet :S. Voor de rest heb ik een fish-eye lens gekocht en een externe flitser en dan inderdaad nog een beetje lightroom en dan ziet het er aardg fresh uit ;). Ik las dat jij alles al had.

    Greets Paul