vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

PWA Sylt 2010 day 4 till 7

There is not much going on in Sylt. After two days of light / no wind the wind turned offshore. We finished one single ellimination freestyle and one round for the slalom guys. It seems like the wave guys will not go on the water as the forecast is not looking really promissing.
In stead everybody goes to bed for a few extra hours. Hit the computer and be on facebook whole day or do some other stuff.
Freestyle team Holland is ready and prepared to go for the double ellimination. Hopefully starting saterday or sunday.
Check out the new MB-fins. From left to right you first have the wave fins, freestyle, freeride/freemove and the slalom fins. I allready use the freestyle and wave fins. Only tested the freestyle but it's sick. Patrik Diethelm uses the slalom fins in competition.
Photo's: PWA/John Carter, Paul Zeper

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