vrijdag 19 november 2010

Whatsup Holland?

Yeah watsup? Not much! The wind started so sick last week but it all went really fast and after two days of wind it was allready over. What does Paul Zeper do? Well make some sketches for school and private ones, get myself some fresh clothing at Sparky and edit some pictures to upload on facebook.
Times changed a bit for me, now I'm bussy studying. I started skateboarding again and when I hit the water last week I noticed the skateboard skills came to place and windsurfing went better. Good no wind training! I'm also bussy with some nice projects, for windsurfing as well for my future as a graphic designer. We'll see how everything goes. Check out the pictures on the blog. Check out the wind. And have Fun!!!!!
Here I'm on my 90L Patrik Diethelm freestyle with 4.7 Hotsails Bolt!

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