zondag 12 december 2010

Christmas in Tarifa 2010

It's time to go somewhere again. This time not on the other side of the world flying almost 20 hours to windsurf there. This time I stay in Europe. It's time to discover Tarifa. But before I have to finish school work, prepare the car and trailer and pack all my stuff.
The days before a trip are mostly kind of hectic. You have to prepare and think of everything, making sure you're not forgetting important stuff. Luckily, mot of the time I'm pretty relaxed.
The trip will start tommorrow evening. We suppose to leave around 21.00 with a first stop somewhere around Biarritz. We'll probably stay there for the night and maybe have a surfing session.
After that we drive further to Tarifa, where we will stay for two weeks. I really hope the wind and the temperature is good. really looking forward to it, after a long cold time of no surfing.
So hopefully some nice surfing shots soon!

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