maandag 20 december 2010

Christmas in Tarifa 2010 the trip

The trips to Tarifa is a 3000km drive from my place. In combination with the trailer who can just handle a 100km/h we estimated it would take us 30 hour +. As we ca both drive it is easier to keep driving. Allthough we had our first stop in Biarritz. We stayed there untill 05.00 when we leaved in the direction of Tarifa again.
The road is pretty nice. I didn't saw much of France, as I was sleeping and we were driving true the night.
Spain looks really cool. During you drive you pass around a million orange trees and there are some cool mountain roads where you can not really drive faster than 50, but still cool.
At the end it took us little over 30 hours. So really nice, and with the sleep over in France it felt really good.
My Companion travelster!! She took the hardest driving peaces, as I was sleeping when we were around Paris and she was driving when we passes Madrid to. Crazy bussy cities.
And here is the view. No wind at the moment, but the forecast looks good. Lets see what kind of pictures we can get next time. Enjoy!

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