zondag 1 mei 2011

PWA Podersdorf Daily Riders Questions p.1

Christofer Kalk: Christofer, tell me about your daily nutrition. Mannnnnn.....beeeerrrr!
Nicolas Akgazciyan: Nicolas, just like Kiri you're well known for your haircut. Do you have the same hair extensions down below? No, because I shave!!
Kiri Thode: What does “yeah mennn” mean for you? It's the kick, the move, you feel good when you do a move and scream YEAAHHH MENNN.
Taty Frans: Taty, you have a kid now! Is she allready changing your daipers? No, but one time she did a litle crap in my hands.
Andy Bubble Chambers: Since when, and why do you have this childish haircut? I've had it since 2003. I had two options, shave it or grow it long. It was at the time I started competing, and this came out and now it's my trademark.

Lorenz Forstenleicher: You now wear leather shorts, what do you think the cow thinks if he knew he would become this? This short is made out of goat or deer leather, thats an austrian tradtional fashion... i think that this goat will think:"maybe it is not the best way to travel the world, but its super nice, that lorenz shows everybody how nice my leather could look.
Raimondo Gasperini: Are you not a little bit old for all the 16 year old girls that are around here? The age is not important, it's important to keep your spirit young. Our spirit desides what age you are!
Yegor Propretinsky: Do you earn money with modelling or are you always posing to get the chicks? Yeah I'm model. My friend is one of the best photographers in Russsia!
Rick Jendrusch: How would you see the PWA if your daddy was not here? I behave better when my dad is around, he keeps an eye on me.

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