maandag 2 mei 2011

PWA Podersdorf Daily Riders Questions p.2

Remko de Zeeuw: Who are you and where do you live? I'm a really sweet guy, I have no place to go, but Davy parents adopt me some times.

Paul Boef: What is your slogan? I've had worse, that's considering the girls. Who nice chick over there, hhmmm, what was the question??

Davy Scheffers: How big is your dick? A little bit less than 2 times the ipod touch

Dieter van der Eyken: Do you always need to do a PWA competition with your parents? no not always, but a lot of time's they come if they can to support me as much as they can. And it always makes live easier if somebody has food ready for you instead of making it you'reself!

Phil Soltysiak: Your girlfriend is a kitesurfer. What do you think about kitesurfing? Ya my girlfriend is a kitesurfer, in Tarifa we sailed a lot together with her on the kite and me on my windsurf stuff. Before I thought you could kite in less wind than you could freestyle, or freestyle in more wind than you can kite, but actually we realised that our wind range is almost the same.

Yarden Meir: On the land you look like the big slow guy, what do the girls experience when you're alone with them? They think your slow to? No, maybe when I'm really tired!

Thijs Westbroek: First event and you're allready sailor of the day. Are you also partier of the day (especially last weekend)? I was more of a medium partierer of the day,start hard, play hard and sleep fast!

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